Friday, May 2, 2014

I Am a Medford Indian Video Contest

Football is America's favorite sport by a wide margin. There are more than three million kids who play youth football, more than one million high school football players, more than 600 college football teams with more than 67,000 players, as well as all their parents and siblings. There are 163 million college football fans and 185 million NFL fans, according to the 2012 ESPN Sports Poll.

If you are a parent of a Medford Indian Football player or if you are a player yourself, you know why you love football and you also know what it means  to be a Medford Indian. We would like to give you the opportunity to share your experience with us in a contest that will be conducted on Facebook and YouTube. Simply record a short video describing you're experience, why you love the game and why you are proud to be a Medford Indian. Using your phone is good enough and it should be no longer than 30 sec. Current players, alumni and parents are all welcome to participate. On May 30 we will select a winner who will be awarded a $100 gift card.

Completed videos can be sent to us via file or link to

To learn more about the Medford Indians MYAA Football program, join us at our open house, May 7th 7-9pm at the Pinelands Sports Center, Southampton NJ.