Sunday, March 15, 2015

Medford Football & NCAA Basketball = Fundraising Event

Excitement is mounting over The NCAA basketball tourney selection & seeding ...  A friendly reminder to let me know how many box squares you want for the championship game.  Thx for your support of Medford Indian football program!  


Good Evening - with Bill Rieger's blessing, the Medford Indian Tackle Football program has decided to be a little more proactive this year with our fundraising efforts.  As a result, we are hoping you'll participate in this fundraiser.  This is an NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship Game BOX pool.  Think the Super Bowl box pool as it'll be run the same way. 

When you are no longer in the running for your NCAA bracket pool you'll still have something to cheer for, because this is basketball & every set of numbers is a potential winner...  

Please invite any/all your friends to participate.  If there's enough interest, and we hope there is, we'll open a 2nd pool.  If you're interested, please respond by 3/15!

*$25 per square

*Email me the total # of squares you want I will randomly put your name in a box (respond to me ONLY)
     -if you want more than 1 box I will NOT choose the same row or column as your other boxes

*NOTE- last number of each team score is the # that's used to determine the winner 

*0-0 to start the game = wins $200

*Exact numbers at the end of 1st half = $400 (EX - Nova 41 & Kentucky 35, winning #s would be 1 nova & 5 Kentucky)

*Exact numbers at the end of the game = $400 (EX - Nova 88 & Kentucky 79, winning #s would be 8 nova & 9 Kentucky)

*once 100 squares are sold, I'll ask my trusted assistants (daughters age 5 & 8) to pick numbers 0 - 9 out of a hat & assign them to a row then columns accordingly 

*$1,500 of the proceeds will help offset some of the Medford Indian Tackle Football Program expenses.

The Medford Indian Football Program thanks you very much.  

Please mail checks to:

Todd Smick
5 Ridge Court
Medford, NJ  08055

Please NOTE on the check MYAA Football Pool

Todd A. Smick
Cell:  1-609-744-8760