Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MYAA Football is Looking for a Few Good Coaches

The MYAA Football program is looking for candidates to coach our 65lb (ages 5-6) and 80lb (ages 7-8) teams.

About Our Program

The Medford Indians football program is built on a foundation of hard work, dedication and commitment by our players, parents and coaches. We strive to not only create good players but great young men by teaching them important life skills they can carry with them long after they leave the program. Medford Indians MYAA Football is organized into six weight classes based on weight and age; 65lb (5-6), 80lb (7-8), 95lb (9-10), 110lb (11-12), 125lb (13-14) and Unlimited (13-14). Each weight class will have multiple teams based on roster size and players are evaluated and assigned to a team throughout the season that is appropriate for their development and ability.

The 65lb team is our youngest age group and is a developmental program. With coaches on the field during competition, players learn the basics of the game while working together with their teammates to succeed in the ultimate team sport. 80lb players, ages 7-8, take to the field themselves learning to communicate and run plays on their own while receiving direction from the sideline.

Being an MYAA Football Coach

Football experience is desired but coaching plans, technical instruction and playbooks are developed and provided by the program through a comprehensive coaching system developed by our senior level coaches  as well as the Shawnee high school football staff including head coach Tim Gushue and defensive coordinator Gene Shulman. Through coaching clinics and staff meetings, our coaches are provided the tools and knowledge to teach blocking and tackling fundamentals and the basics of the offensive and defensive systems our players will use at the older levels up to and including high school. 

Each team's coaching staff consists of 5-10 coaches. Positions include head coach who is responsible for overall direction of the team, preparing practice schedules, communicating with parents, and holds a position on the program's board. Our coaching staffs also include an offensive and defensive coordinator although head coaches usually assume one of those roles, position coaches and general assistants. Our staffs generally include a varying range of coaching skill and football experience, ideally with head coaches and coordinators having strong coaching, communication and organizational skills,  experienced former players coaching positions, and other parents with less experience willing to help out as assistants.

If you are interested in a coaching position, contact Bill Rieger at bill.rieger@myaafootball.com

More information can be found on our website www.myaafootball.com

Visit our YouTube channel where you will find video of our teams and get a feel of what our program is all about. https://www.youtube.com/user/myaafootballvideos