Monday, April 27, 2015

New Name, New Colors, Same Great Program

The 2015 season will usher in a new era for the MYAA Football program. After five decades as the Medford Indians wearing Black and Gold we will be joining the other MYAA sports programs by changing to the Medford Renegades and wearing Navy, Columbia and White. The decision to change was not taken lightly knowing the tremendous amount of pride that exists in our Medford Indians history. This includes my own family as all three of my sons grew up wearing black and gold but the colors and name date back to a time when there was no alignment with townships and high schools. The Medford Indians consisted of athletes from what is now the Shawnee, Lenape and Seneca sending areas. Today all Medford and Medford Lakes children attend Shawnee High School unless choosing an alternative private school. Mt Laurel children attend Lenape and the Tabernacle/Shamong area attend Seneca. In changing our colors, we join our neighboring township youth sports programs aligning with our townships and high schools.  Marlton switched from red to Cherokee orange awhile back, the Seneca program took on the green and gold when they formed their program and this year Fleetwood is also changing, adding Mt Laurel to their name and wearing Lenape Red Black and white.